Catching Up

Sorry about letting this get away from me!

About the time 'Valkyrie' got her new clothes, Cathy's dad's care giver had to leave for a while. We moved to Erath and I did some driving back and forth between Erath and Slidell. Things looked like indefinite long term so I single-handed to Cypremort Point, arriving Sept. 19..

Fast forward to Jan 10th and the care giver returned and we moved back home, aboard 'Valkyrie'. The problem is no live-aboards are allowed at the Point (never can understand that). We planned on moving to the Delcambre free dock, alongside our friend Sterling aboard 'We Don't Neaux'. But... There's no electricity, water, or even trash disposel. It hit us that if we're going to have to use propane heat and haul water (can't run the watermaker in that dirty canal), we might as well spend the time getting to warm, clear water.

So we're getting everything together and plan on setting sail as soon after Feb. 1st as weather permits. Sterling is heading out as well. We plan on taking the Gulf of Mexico route and Sterling will go inside in the ICW and we'll meet at Dauphin Island, AL. His vessel is a 41-foot trimaran so that makes sense. Multihulls tend to pound and bounce around a lot and chances are we're going to run into rough weather this time of year. We decided to sail and save fuel, and since we have to go offshore from Pensacola, FL to Port St. Joe, FL anyway due to low bridges, it doesn't make much difference. There are 50-foot (more like 47-foot) bridges between the two and we need 52-feet.

We plan on stopping for an indefinite time at Juan and Liz's house in Cape Coral, FL. The house is on a canal and has dock space. Remember Juan? He's the one we bought 'Valkyrie' from and I've been helping him with his boat, 'Nirvana'. It's currently at the Port of Iberia but will be moved to Cape Coral in March or April.

Things are open after that. Depending on time of year (hurricane season) we'll either hit the Caribbean or head North to maybe the Chesapeake Bay. Not set plans.

We just be cruisin'!