Our Horn Island Voyage

March, 2009

The weather warmed up with a forecast to continue, so we departed Bon Fouca Marina March 5th for Horn Island. Unfortunately we had to play power boat to get though the bridges and the Rigolets. Got a bit of a late start and anchored out of the channel just out of the Rigolets. Light winds the next morning and from ahead, but we were able to motorsail to Horn.

It was a bit COLD the first day. Note  Cathy has on TWO coats!

Katrina did some damage, but really not all that much. The trees in the widely spaced areas lost their branches, but the dense forest areas seem fine.

Along the trail across the island. Before Katrina one could walk to the Gulf side, but now there's tall marsh grass just before the Gulf.

Valkyrie is anchored about 1/4 mile out. The water out there is about 18 ft. deep, then rapidly shallows up to 8 ft. and less. The drill is to creep in until the bottom sharply rises, then back off a couple hundred feet.

On the Mississippi Sound side.

Resting on the Gulf side.

St. Croix is thataway!


One of the lakes on the interior.

There she goes, pointing again... De Boat! De Boat!

Some guys Cathy found - I couldn't find any gals!

They're from St. Louis,  Missouri, and spent a week camping out.

Adam, Tim, Joe and Zach.

A guide brought them there and picked them up. Very nice folks!

Tim and Zach braved the big water and paddled out to 'Valkyrie'
in the inflatable kayak.

The weather forecast was for North winds and colder, so we departed Horn Island March 10th. The wind was light so only making about 4 kts. Then, as expected, it shifted to Southwest so we were back again to beating into it. Then it mostly died so we motorsailed. I'm going to start a cruising service. Tell me which way you want to go and I'll  set sail in the opposite direction. Guaranteed you'll have the wind at your back!

Anchored for the night off Pokey Dutch. Never heard of it, but it's supposed to be a little island East of the Rigolets. Couldn't see any island. Another sailboat, 'Mirage' anchored near us.

The next day, we motored into the Rigolets and found the railroad bridge stuck. They were converting it from hydraulic to electric. The bridge tender told us they should be able to open  in about an hour.

We circled for a while, then dropped the hook. Three hours later the tender called us and said there was a problem with one of the new motors and it might be a long while. During this 'Mirage' arrived.

At the suggestion of the bridge tender we decided to go around the bridge via the Pearl River. 'Mirage' kind of led us and acted as a "remote fathometer", calling us when the water shallowed. Three hours and 15 NM later, we came out right on the other side of the railroad bridge - a total SIX HOUR delay. But we made it back to the marina about 6:20 PM.