Ocean Springs to Pensacola

March 2010

Shawn shot this of us at Ocean Springs.

March 5th

We departed Ocean Springs for a short run to Horn Island. Gary shot this one.

He's got some great shots at http://www.pbase.com/gagish/around_ocean_springs

March 6th
Our fifth wedding aniversity dawned clear and light winds.

Motored to Dauphin Island with very light winds. Some motorsailing with jib only. We were going to try anchoring in Bayou Aloe (not really a bayou) close to shore and go exploring, but the channel got very shallow. So we felt our way out of the channel where the chart showed decent depth and anchored.

Did I mention it was COLD!

March 7th
Almost no wind. Well,there was a little wind for part of the way. We motorsailed with the jib adding maybe half a knot. Turning 1,200 RPM, the lowest we should, we left 'Waltzing Matilda" far behind as Nathan attempted to sail. Mobile Bay became like glass, as they say, during the last half.

We tried Pirate's Cove, but much to tight for our tastes. We ran aground on the way out and took almost an hour to "walk" our way out. We anchored in Perdido Bay and waited for Nathan, who arrived about an hour later..

March 8th

Absolutely no wind. Not a ripple on the mirror... errr... water. Motored to Bayou Chico.
Buzz drove over, unknow to us and shot some stuff of us going by.

Cathy shot this one in Pensacola Bay. Notice the smooth water.

Nathan shot this view of Pelican's Perch Marina from the bridge. Can you spot 'Valkyrie'?

Hung around the marina until Friday, March 12th, and headed for Fort McCree. Finally able to really sail with the engine stopped! Although we were luffing quite a bit, trying not to outrun Nathan, we were still doing as much as 7.6 kts. Should have reefed.

Another couple shots from Nathan.

Nathan got to play bowthruster. We followd the advice of a local and hugged the South side. WRONG! Ran aground with the wind holding us against the sand bar. We tossed Nathan a line and he swung our bow around to get free, then played remote fathometer to lead us in. We went about halfway and he reported a sudden 6-1/2 feet, so we swung around and dropped anchor, then invited him to just raft up to us.

The plan was and is to hang around here until Monday, when the winds are supposed to drop some. It's been blowing 15 to 30 kts. plus. We're hesitant to dinghy in with the howling West winds coming straight down the cut. Heck, there's whitecaps in here.